January 29th, 2006

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i like it backwards


first, an apology for last night. i was getting into the cups by the time i posted (ok, and wrote) “minus as a dash,” and my judgment was becoming impaired. that poem needs some work, and i don’t think of any of you as ho’s, or even lit-ho’s.  rather than taking the post down, i’ll promise to load the final poem, once i work on it some more.


right now, though, i want to talk about doing it backwards.  today, smith and i went to boogaloo for breakfast, which means at least one trip to aquarius records. i was especially excited about this because i’ve been reading about an ingenious device they’ve been stocking, called the record reverser!. yes, friends, for $15, you can obtain a device that allows you to play records backwards. forget about hearing lame messages from burnt-out metlers—think of how this can revolutionize your collection. what would mogwai or my bloody valentine or the smiths sound like backward? now you can find out. i’ve got a bunch of records i’d like to take for a reverse test-spin, but first up is bonnie prince billy’s i see a darkness, because the enthusiastic metrosexual behind the counter promised me happy returns from that one. i’m half-way back thru side one and digging it, but i’m also eager to try the aforementioned bands, so i’ll probably cut out after side one.


i also picked up the recently unearthed 1957 live recording of thelonious monk with john coltrane, and wow.  if you like either or both of these guys, and especially if you’re a fan of bebop, get this album.


today i also scored two 33 1/3 books. the first series contained a bunch of records i wasn’t that excited to read about (with the exception of meat is murder, by joe pernice), and skimming thru them, i was disappointed. more recently, a better crop of selections has been published. i picked up armed forces and low, and have started to read the former, by franklin bruno, and i’m really digging it. it’s casually organized in alphabetical order by term, and the writing is smart and super geeky, giving intensely close readings of the songs and their context (mostly artistic, but also social). for those of you who do not know this series, if you’re still with me: for a few years or so, continuum has been publishing a series of books about famous albums. small books, big albums. i’m a total sucker for it, even after being turned off by the first installments.


i guess that’s it for now. keep on turning.



ray gonne



ps one more thing from my shopping list: i’m the worst flyerer, just like i’m the worst magazine consignment guy, because for every dollar i make for the mag, i spend two or more on stuff. today i was flyering the mission for ks, and at needles and pins, in addition to the low (the bowie album, not the band, btw) book, i bought a black beer cozy with a  skull and crossbones deftly integrated into the pattern. envy me.

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play it again, ham

as promised.

minus as a dash

something you cannot say
occurs to you in the entryway
and the damage you have done
to this house is roughly equivalent
to the damage done to
fill in the blank

music makes you feel like you are here
with rain on your shoes
cars shushing the avenues

on the street below the fire escape
a car starts up and is gone
by the time you write this
the feeling that persuaded you
to concentrate has taken leave
and you are left with paper
to do with as you please
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recent experience

i just put on side one of station to station, after accidentally listening to side two first and not really noticing, tho i thoroughly enjoyed the songs. and after 10 or so seconds, when i could make out the music, i thought, is this backwards? um, no.


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