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So far, I've gotten into The New School and Columbia (I did not get into Amherst). While I wait for more replies (three more schools pending), I'm reading writers who teach at TNS & C. I've been revisiting David Lehman (I like Operation Memory a little less than I used to, and I like Daily Mirror much more than I used to), and reading Shelley Jackson (digging her themed short stories in The Melancholy of Anatomy) and Lucie Brock-Broido (Trouble in Mind is a mandarin pleasure) for the first time. I recently read some work by program grads--I admire the shape and movement of Mark Lamoureux' poems, and one of my favorite new books is Farrah Field's gorgeous, plaintive Rising. I'm also looking for Elaine Equi's poetry. I've heard good things about her as a teacher at TNS. Right now I'm reading an essay she wrote for Jacket #7, in which she says:

What does it mean to create something with no exchange value -- to work for free? Among other things, a sense of unreality and invisibility.

Anyway, I just came over here because I wanted to post that snippet (b/c it's a question I've been asking myself in many ways for many years), and then I got sidetracked by context. Back to reading, while it snows out my window (I love being snowed in with books).


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